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Expansion of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Land of Israel  This site contains a new book by the lawyer Ilya Cherkinsky :       "Expansion of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Land of Israel".


Office 13,
3 Ben Yehuda Str. ,
Jerusalem ,
Tel:   (972)-2-6253259
Tel/Fax: (972)-2-6235262
Cell:   (972)-54-4679249



The lawyers of our law office provide a wide range of legal services to individuals, commercial enterprises and public organizations in Israel, as well as abroad, in the following areas:


  Legal services for incorporation and management of existing private and public companies, including off-shore companies, cooperatives and non-profit organizations;

-  Legal services for Israeli offices of foreign companies, various small organizations and enterprises, including opening bank accounts, financial transactions;

-  Legal and audit services for investment programs in Israel;

- Legal and audit services for start-up companies;

- Representation of interests of individuals and companies in customs and tax departments;

- Conducting all types of cases related to the protection of intellectual property, as well as legal services to High-Tech companies;

- Liquidation and bankruptcy of firms, enterprises and organizations;

- Conducting court cases on the implementation of contractual obligations, debt collection, etc.;


- Conducting criminal cases of the White Collar workers, motor vehicles, army and others in the courts and/or with the investigating authorities;


- Drafting and approval of prenuptial agreements; divorces, alimony, division of property in religious or civil courts; drafting and notarization of wills; management of inheritance cases in all judicial bodies; general consultations;


- Legal support in the sale, purchase, rental of apartments and business premises, land;

- Legal services for contractors and individuals in the construction and reconstruction of buildings in cities, settlements and agricultural areas;

- Representation of interests of individuals, companies and other organizations in state and municipal departments;

- Legal services in the sale, purchase, rental of apartments, business premises and land in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, etc.;


- Legal services in connection with repatriation, naturalization in Israel and obtaining Israeli citizenship;

- Representation of interests of tourists, permanent and temporary residents in all state and judicial bodies of Israel;


- The provision of all types of notary services, in particular, the preparation of notary documents in most languages of Europe and the former USSR, the legalization of documents (Apostille);


- Lawyers of the office represent clients in all courts of Israel and abroad, achieving success in most cases.

The lawyers of our office will be glad to help you


* * *

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