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Contact Information

 Юриспруденция Законы   

Israel, Jerusalem 91001, Ben Yehuda Str. 3, office 13; P.O.Box. 31972;

Phone: (972) -2-6253259; Fax: (972) -2-6235262; Mobile phone: (972) -54-679249;


Lawyers of the Law Office "Ilya Cherkinsky and Partners" receive visitors at their office in Jerusalem, Ben Yehuda Street 3, 1st floor (by stairs or by elevator), daily, except Friday and Saturday, usually from 10:00 to 19:00.


It is advisable to pre-arrange a convenient meeting time for you.

If there are reasons why you cannot call or come to the office, write to us: E-mail, SMS, Whats-App.


After receiving your request, surely, we will contact you.

* * *

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